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Cancer is a group of various diseases affecting a wide range of cells and tissues. Cancer is a genetic disorder at the level of cells.
Cancer development probability (USA) during lifetime makes ½  for men and  1/3  for women (W.S. Klug, M.R. Cumming, 2004).


V.I.Govallo invented  the "Biotherapy method by human placenta trophoblast antigens."

Accumulated data on pathogenetic mechanisms of development and spreading malignant  neoplasms became the basis for development of a new effective branch in oncology – cancer biotherapy. 

Biotherapy includes target therapy and immunotherapy.

Target therapy
 — is a new approach to conservative cancer treatment, based on knowledge of  molecular and genetic mechanisms fundamental for tumor germination, development, growth and spreading, aimed at target damaging influence of a medical product on clue links – molecules responsible for formation of malignant phenotype of tumor cells and supporting possibility of tumor existence in the organism of the patient. Tasks of the target therapy comprise the development of optimal methods of delivering the antitumoral drugs to the impact site.

Immunotherapy of malignant neoplasms — conservative cancer treatment aimed at liquidation of the malignant tumor by external influence:
A.  On the host immune system to modify favourably the immune response to emergence of tumor tissue:
1) enhancing the antitumoral component of the response  (increasing the number of  antitumoral factors produced by the host immune system); 
2) decreasing the  tumor promoting component of the response  (decrease of the number and neutralisation of pro-blastic factors  produced by the host immune system – factors suppressing antitumoral response of their own and enhancing the tumor growth); 
B. On tumor immunoresistency factors for preventing a possibility of tumor evading from being destroyed by the host immune system (decreasing the number of factors and their blocking).

And also additional external introduction into host organism of immune system components (phagocytes, lymphocites, genetically modified cells), also after increase of antineoplastic activity.

Bioembryotherapy is most effective for cancer treatment in cases of the following widespread malignant neoplasms:

After V.I. Govallo’s data (1992):
• epidermoid lung cancer
• breast cancer
• nasopharynx cancer
• chondrosarcoma
• rectum adenocarcinoma
• melanoma
• synovial sarcoma
• carcinoma of uterine tubes
• ovarian carcinoma

After method modification in 2002 V.I. Govallo’ managed to increase  bioembryotherapy efficiency for:
• melanoma treatment;
• breast cancer treatment;
• rectum cancer treatment;
• sigmoid colon cancer treatment;
• lung cancer (of various histologic structure);
• stomach and intestines cancer;
• uterus and ovaries cancer; 
• prostate cancer;
• bladder cancer;
• salivary glands cancer;
• Bertholin's gland cancer.

According to foreign clinics’ data, bioembryotherapy is efficient for treatment of:
• carcinoma
• malanoma
• sarcoma
• leukaemia

Clinical example of cancer treatment:

Patient Sch-va, aged 62. Thyroid gland cancer relapse. Numerous metastases to lungs, liver, bones. Pathological humerus fracture (osteolythic metastases).

Two injections of tumor inductor regression and immunity activator with a month-long interval were administered. At the background of biotherapy expressed tumor regress, general condition improvement, appetite appeared, pathologic fracture healed within 4 months.

John Eaton, Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology of Louisiana University (USA)

Professor Peter Stern's studies were experimentally confirmed. If embryonal stem and cancer cells have antigenes in common, it is logical to assume a possibility of using the first as preventive anticarcinogenic vaccine, as it was discovered by scientists of Louisiana University, working under the guidance of Professor John Eaton. Vaccination with embryonal stem cells in 80% prevented tumors development in animals.  Adding fibroblasts to the drug (STO/GM-CSF) increased its cancer treatment efficiency up to 100%.

Scientists under the guidance of Thomas Spies (second at the left), Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center,  isolated from the tumor the soluble protein form changing the function of -helpers  which start to act as supressors under their influence – to suppress antineoplastic immunity  (organism responses aimed at tumor destruction). -helpers (lymphocytes enhancing  immunity organism responses) prevent tumor occurrence and struggle with cancer cells at early stages of disease. “Cancer forming a growing solid tumor produce an enormous amount of protein coming into the blood flow”, Spies reported. “It seriously changes the structure of patient's organism T-cells in such a way that ability of the immune system to counteract tumor cells is seriously infringed". 
Thomas Spies’ and Peter Stern’s studies confirm V.I. Govallo’s hypothesis that “tumour cells suppress tumor inhibiting factors produced by the immune system of cancer patients” explaining suppression mechanisms of  antineoplastic immunity by the tumor.

Biotherapy of the widespread cancer, as a rule, is administered at the last moment with a grave forecast, after exhausting possibilities of standard antitumoral treatment or its further inefficiency. That is when saving the patient from the point of view of modern oncology is impossible. 

Patient N.W. (Germany).Colorectal cancer. Inoperable multiple metastases in both liver lobes.

Patient N. Z-va, immunology doctor (St.-Petersburg).Breast cancer. Multiple visceral metastases and metastases in bones.

Unfortunately, biotherapy methods do not guarantee successful treatment and cancer resolving in all cases. As well as all standard methods of oncology treatment do not guarantee it either.  But, evidently, no matter anybody likes it or not,   there is no way of development effective treatment of metastasing  malignant neoplasms.

Patient S.N. (Moscow).Peripheral cancer of the upper lobe of the left lung with invasion to parietal pleura. Metastases in lymph nodes of the root of the left lung and subaortal nodes.  Tumor invasion to the right lung.  Conservative treatment with biotherapy application.

Patient S.N. (Rostov). Poorly differentiated nasopharynx and oropharynx cancer, multiple metastases in neck lymph nodes from both sides.  Conservative treatment with biotherapy application.

In opinion of the Russian scientist, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences. V.. Tarasov, not less than 2/3 of patients with widespread malignant tumors who are regarded as incurable, do not receive adequate medical aid and perish without innovative effective combined surgical and conservative treatment which can at least considerably prolong their life.

 Features of cancer bioembryotherapy with placenta extracts:

  1. Introduction of placenta extract under oncological disease is administered subcutaneously several times a month for at least a year, and further if necessary till complete disappearance of tumor. V.I.Govallo was not able to describe in detail the mechanism of placenta effect on the tumor because at the time of his research the knowledge which could prove his theory was missing.
  2. The preparation introduction does not cause any serious complications and unpleasant sensations except slight fever, rigor and flaccidity that are gone in 1–2 days.
  3. Use of bioembryotherapy does not destroy the organism and the immune system of oncological patients.
  4. Safety and efficiency of bioembryotherapy has been traced for 25 years, the majority of modern antineoplastic drug products used in oncology do not have such supervision period. 

V.I.Govallo's contribution consists in improvement of medical product preparation and attracting attention to certain analogy between foetus and tumor developments during immunologic processes observation in cases of spontaneous abortions. According to his observations, tumor cells suppress tumor-inhibiting factors produced by immune system of cancer patients similar to embryos who also overcome mother's immunity by secreting inhibitors.

Introduction of placenta extract results in destroying the protection system of the malignant neoplasm from immune response of the tumour host. If the organism and the immune system of oncological patient have not been damaged yet by beam-therapy and chemotherapy, the expressed response — the induced regression (disappearance) of the malignant tumor is observed.

According to modern tumor immunology approach (oncology), bioembryotherapy influences tumor immunoresistancy factors to prevent the tumor to evade from being destroyed by the host immune system (reducing the number and blocking  immunoresistancy factors).

V.I.Govallo recommended to apply his biotherapy method “...after surgical removal of the tumor to prevent the relapse or metastases or even under their presence”. Absence of malignant tumors manifestations within at least 8-year or longer follow up period after bioembryotherapy treatment course is absolutely remarkable.

It should be noted that in cases of widespread malignant tumors and especially in case of a large tumor weight, despite the expressed improvement of health condition, blood indicators, pain syndrome abolishing, bioembryotherapy treatment application by Govallo does not always rescue the patient.  Life extension is observed, its quality improvement, tumor regressions are common, metastases preventing, and it is important, this alternative treatment method is applied most often in cases when the whole range of anti-cancer means and methods of modern oncology has been tried. As a rule, by this moment the tumour is inoperable and obtains chemio- and radio resistance, or the condition of the patient is so severe that oncology doctors cannot offer anything except symptomatic treatment.

A number of analogues of placenta extract were released for conducting biotherapy of malignant neoplasms. Ther are drug products  Rimolan, Hrizocor etc. They differ from Govallo’s preparation by a high purity degree, low contents of various proteins, including allergenic, they are preserved, often subjected to lyophilic drying and can be stored for long terms.  However, they do not possess an expressed antineoplastic efficiency.

  Dr. William H. van Ewijk, M.D. (M.A.). Head of biotechnological company Biologics International, the Placenta Investigations Fund (Netherlands).

The preparation VG-1000 is the closest in its efficiency to Govallo’s extracts; it is positioned as  a powerful immunomodulator and manufactured by biotechnological company Biologics International under supervision of Dr. Wilhelmus van Ewijk. It is recommended as a first-line drug for cancer treatment in oncological patients with recently diagnosed cancer, and also for preventing cancer relapses. However, administering VG-1000 is not so efficient and does not provide such results of cancer treatment as the results demonstrated by V.I.Govallo.

VG-1000 is also considered as a polyvalent anticarcinogenic vaccine and successfully used in oncology for complex treatment of severe cancer cases in three clinics of the North America: in Freeport (Bahamas) – The Immuno-Augmentative Clinic (Freeport, Grand Bahamas), Tijuana (Mexico) – CHIPSA's Center for Integrative Medicine in Tijuana (Baja California, Mexico) and Natural Therapeutics Ltd (Canada).

In 2003 scientific information means spread information that the British scientists from Paterson Institute for Cancer Research in Manchester found the reason why the human immune system allows cancer cells to evade immune system response and freely spread over the whole body. Peter Stern and his colleagues investigated trophoblast cells – special cells forming a layer between the placenta and the foetus during pregnancy. Exactly these cells "deceive" mother’s immune system and do not allow her antibodies to tear away the tissues of the child, which is actually a different organism. Scientists planned to find something in common between foetus protection mechanism and the method used by cancer cells to protect from the immune system. During these studies it was discovered that stem cells of the foetus and cancer cells comprise substance molecules to which scientists assigned code designation 54. It was found out that this substance is produced in embryo stem cells and it is necessary for its correct development. 

As the embryo develops, cells divide very fast and freely circulate around it. Exactly thanks to  54 the immune system does not react to such things. Further on, in the process of growth cell growth slows down and this substance disappears from them and enables the immune system to destroy cells dividing very fast or cells in wrong locations. It is the presence of  54 which differentiates cancer cells from other body cells and guarantees their immunity to immune system influence and allows them to travel freely around the whole organism of the oncological patient, forming metastasises and considerably complicating cancer treatment.

  Professor Peter Stern, Head of the Immunology Group,    Paterson Institute for Cancer Research. Molecula 54 Studies Supervisor

Practically very important is the fact that in an adult organism 54 molecules are found only in cancer cells. It should allow to develop a vaccine causing immune system response only to cells containing this substance. Active Biotech Company started developing of such vaccine under the code name Magic Bullet. At present clinical trials of this vaccine are already conducted in volunteers. There was no reference to professor V.I.Govallo priority discoveries in publications of British scientists.

Now the Oxford Biomedica company developed the technology and TroVax® vaccine which is a leading drug in cancer treatment in modern oncology. This vaccine has been specially developed for stimulating anticarcinogenic immune response and can be applied in most cases of solid tumors. TroVax® vaccine is targeted at 54 tumoral antigene widespread in many solid tumors and evidencing for a grave disease prognosis. This drug consists of proxy virus (MVA) genes transporting system which delivers 54 gene and stimulates immune response of the organism to 54. This immune response destroys cells comprising 54. However, anticarcinogenic efficiency of this vaccine is essentially lower as opposed to Govallo’s medical products.

In 2006 the Oxford Biomedica company completed Stage III of clinical studies of TroVax® drug for treatment of kidney cancer, and Sanofi-Aventis performs drug studies colorectal cancer treatment. This drug was supported by Cancer Research UK Organization, National Cancer Institute, USA and QUASAR network of clinical studies of the United Kingdom. These organizations conduct or plan to conduct clinical studies of TroVax® drug in oncology

Science history testifies that new ideas and aims become clear and evident in 20-30 years. Professor V.I.Govallo’s studies get more and more justified by foreign medical studies.

Thus, in 2000 the results of experimental work of three scientific centres (in Israel, Harward Medical School and in Boston) on application of new protein isolated from human placenta. It was called aresten were published . It is capable to infringe tumor angiogenesis  inductive phase what causes reverse development of cancer cells (ancer Researh, 2000, 60(9), .2520-2526).

   Japan Leading Expert Pharmacologist, Scientific Director of the company Japan Bioproducts IND.Co.,Ltd., Professor, Okinava University Yagi Yakira.

Under Professor Yagi Yakira’s supervision of clinical studies held in Japanese state, municipal, insurance and university clinics confirmed that medical products from natural placenta can suppress tumor metastases, increase immunity and accelerate tissue regeneration.

 ..   Rodionov Sergey Yuryevich, Doctor of Medical Sciences, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Director of Immunology and Physiology Institute, Ural Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Perm  branch.

Placenta also comprises a number of oncofetal peptides. Spanish Professor George Laborda discovered that some of them, for example, alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) suppress growth and causes  destruction of tumoral cells in the culture. Russian scientist Valery Chereshnev, the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and Professor Sergey Rodionov managed to prove that AFP protein influences cancer cells in human organism causing their destruction. Under the influence of oncofetal peptides tumoral growth sites are exposed to total necrosis through reactions of acute immune inflammation.

  (Herbert Jacobson, Ph.D).   Herbert Jacobson, Ph.D.

In 2009 experimental studies conducted in Center of Immunology and Microbiological Diseases (New York, USA) under the guidance of G.Yakobson under the guidance of G.Yakobson revealed that pregnancy hormones ((estrogen, progesterone, chorionic gonadotropin) induce protein synthesis which in 30-50% of cases directly suppress growth of breast cancer cells. The conclusion is made that these oncofetal proteins can be used as non-  toxic well-tolerated remedy for treatment and treatment and preventing breast cancer. The same hormones and proteins are present in placenta extract. It is probable that a similar mechanism of antitumoral effect was present in V.I.Govallo's clinical studies. Probably, these data are applicable for justification of one of the mechanisms of antitumoral effect of “the multipurpose medicine” - placenta extract.

Now a new concept of “multipurpose medicines” is discussed, in which a broad variety of pharmacological effect, capacity of the medical drug to cooperate with several targets is opposed to maximum selectivity. Under modern conditions creation of such medicines requires system approach to any pathological process. Such approach is purposefully used by such new subjects as system biology and network pharmacology (op. cit. Lipids and cancer. Essays on Lipidology of oncological process/ M.G.Akimov et al; Ed.by V.V. Bezuglova and S.S.Konovalov. – SPb: Prime-EUROZNAK, 2009. – 352 p.).

Incorporating new achievements in cancer molecular and cellular immunology the model introduced by V.I.Govallo can provide an important strategic approach to cancer immunotherapy.

Dr. . Harandi. Medicine Department, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital, Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons (USA).

At present the laboratory at N.N.Priorov Central Injury Treatment and Orthopaedics Institute is closed and studies in immunobiology of malignant tumors are not carried out.

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Melanoma is one of the most malignant tumours, capable of fast metastasing by lymphogenic and hematogenic way. In case of melanoma  metastases treatment prospects are very grave. Application of chemotherapy, surgery and beam therapy can improve a little life quality of the patient, but it does not prolong the life for more than a few months (Sompayrac L., 2006). The survival rate median in case of metastasing melanoma makes 6-7 months. There is no standard treatment scheme (Casciato D.A., Wagner Jr., R.F., 2004).
Patient  Malkova N., aged 55 (Saratov)
Case report: Skin melanoma on an internal thigh surface was diagnosed in 2005. The tumour was surgically removed . In 2006 - relapse near to cicatrix. Operation was done. At the end of 2008 a metastasis was found in a regional lymph node. Operation in tumor and regional lymph node removal with surrounding tissues was done.  3 chemotherapy courses administered. Multiple metastases to brain and spleen found. The condition was quickly worsening. Neurooncologists made an attempt to remove the metastases with a radio knife.
Treatment: In February, 2009, a bioembryotherapy course started. Spleen removed. Malkova’s condition improved for 2 months which enabled her to return to her regular lifestyle and grandsons upbringing.

Patient Shcherbakov V. (Moscow)
Case reporty: In 2005 skin melanoma of the chest wall diagnosed. Radical operation on malignant tumor removal was done. Tumor relapse in 2007. Metastases in axillary lymph nodes found. Metastases excision of the tumor with surrounding tissues performed. Treatment course with Roferon started. Relapse in 2008. In 2009 multiple metastases in liver and backbone detected. At the background of antitumoral therapy the disease was progressing. Discharged to home, did not get up, every 3 hours anesthetic drug was injected.
Treatment: In 2009 bioembryotherapy course started. Within 2 weeks pains abated, appetite resumed. In 4 months after the first vaccine injection Vladimir Shcherbakov returned to his work as a driver.


Patient -v ., aged 19 (Ivanovo)
Case reporty: Ovaries cancer (mesonephroid tumor) was diagnosed in January, 2007. Laparoscopic operation in tumor removal performed. In 21.06.07 laparotomy, oothecohysterectomy with omentum resection, metastasis removed in the area of the mesosigmoid . Chemotherapy was performed. The disease progressed, fluid was collecting in the small pelvis. Expressed pain syndrome.
Treatment: In the end of 2008 bioembryotherapy course started. No signs of disease at present. Looks great. Is back to her regular lifestyle.

Reverse development of cancer and metastases with placenta extract (examples provided by V.I.Govallo in monography The Immunology of Pregnancy and Cancer).

Our attention was attracted by a unique cancer treatment method by autologic  immunomodulator (AIM) which is considered as a prototype of our Laboratory studies. The immunomodulator is offered by the leading research associate of Immunology Institute of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Vladimir Ivanovich Novikov.

.. ,     Leading research associate of Immunology Institute of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Medical Sciences, V.I. Novikov.

Together with his colleagues he discovered the factor secreted by lymph nodes cells at the earliest stages of immune reactions development. The factor has antigenspecific properties and controls work of the central immunity organ – bone marrow. A mediator production phenomenon revealed having an expressed effect on immunogenesis, not depending on the nature of the antigene. Simultaneous introduction of the factor with antigenes of tumoral cells results in 10-fold enhancing humoral and cellular immune reactions. Note: «Introduction of tumoral antigenes with mediator enhanced 6-10 fold tumoral cells destruction effect».

According to the authors, the AIM mechanism is not connected with direct destructive effect  on tumor cells, and caused by activation of killer protection mechanisms. The technology of drug preparation, as a matter of fact, is similar to Govallo method. Peter Stern's works explain the possibility of replacement trophoblast on tumor. AIM in the combined cancer treatment of malignant tumors 2 fold overcomes treatment efficiency extending a 5-year survival rate for some types of tumors from 15-30 to 60%. (V.I. Novikov, V.I.Karandashov, I G.Sidorovich. Immunotherapy for malignant neoplasms. Publishing House: Medicina, 2002. Hard cover, 160 pages).

Key features of autologic immunomodulator (AIM):

1) absence of toxic effects; 2) no contraindications and side effects; 3) increases the number of immunocites in blood; 4) reduces the oncomarkers indicator.

  Professor Per-Henrik Zahl, MD, MS, PhD Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Unique and unexpected results were received by Dr. Per-Henrik Tsal during collecting statistics on breast cancer, Norwegian Institute of Public Health and his colleagues from the USA. Having compared mammogramms' data for a six-year period physicians noticed that in some cases malignant tumors disappeared without any treatment, Reuters reports after materials published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. "Everything we can say at this moment is that this is the fact that some tumors disappeared on their own, without any treatment. We could not find their traces on further mammogramms. But yet I do not see a biological explanation to this phenomenon”, Dr. Per-Henrik Zahl confesses. Uniqueness of the results lies in the fact that for the first time a possibility of complete disappearance of malignant tumors is demonstrated. That is in the organism there are natural mechanisms of radical self-healing of the malignant tumor. And our task includes aimed enhancing of this of this ability in oncological patients.

Discovering the mechanism of antitumoral effect of the placenta extract is an extremely interesting problem. This mechanism of struggling with widespread malignant neoplasms is the key to saving patients whose treatment is regarded as impossible from the point of view of modern oncology. We performed analysis of all scientific publications in this subject.

It was discovered that at the immunologically privileged site a so-called tolerance failure can occur. This privilege change can occur in relation to spermatozoons, blastocysts and foetus. This failure phenomenon arises either on the basis of hormonal disorders which are manifested by disbalance of hormone proportions or due to viral and bacterial infectious diseases activating reactions of local and system immunity with participance of helper -lymphocytes, Type 1. More often these processes progress collaterally. At that the immune system destroys all cells at the privileged site. In pregnancy tolerance failure results in fetal death.

It turned out that bioembryotherapy triggers a similar mechanism of loss by a malignant new neoplasm the protection system from tumor host immune response, but a nonspecific activator is necessary for its launch. A similar immunologic phenomenon had been discovered earlier, it has its own name ("overshoot" phenomenon) and it had no practical importance in oncology before our studies. We conducted a number of experiments on malignant tumor cell cultures in presence of serum and tumor host immunocites, and also experimental studies on animals with transplanted tumour and confirmed our assumption.

The cancer problem exists and it is still far from being solved. According to the World Health Organization (WHO): «Every sixth human being on the Earth in some period of their lifetime falls ill with cancer, and 40% of the diseased die in the first year after being diagnosed». Nobody knows whether the existing arsenal of cancer treatment methods will be applicable in some 50 years. Probably it will be in no use at that time and will become a thing from the past, like tumors treatment with hot iron.

Cancer problem and organization of its adequate treatment at present is one of the principal complex programs of modern medicine.
R. Souhami, J. Tobias, 2005.

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