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Innovative Biomedical Technologies Laboratory 
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The laboratory is established as a single clinical and production biotechnological complex. The attribute «production» means that it provides for preparing of cell transplantats, bioarticial organs and tissues as well as units for their integration into human bodies. The clinical block is designed for the purposes of patients’ treatment. Technical facilities provide for developing of the innovative biomedical technologies within shortest periods of time and for effective implementation of the most perspective achievements of the fundamental sciences into the public health service.
  Development and Research Fields:

1. Regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.

2. Biotherapy of common malignant tumors.

3. Biomedical technologies for correction of biological age. Human revitalizing. Devices for processes of organotypic regeneration.


Professor Kovalev Alexey Vyacheslavovich
Head of Laboratory of Innovative Biomedical Technologies

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Phone.: +7(495)226-95-57

E-mail: limbt@list.ru